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5 Android Apps For Students To Improve Their Learning Skills

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Android phones have become ubiquitous. One of the outstanding features of Android phone is the provision to extend its functionality by adding hundreds of apps. This has made both young and old generation stay glued to Android phones. In fact, you can find Android apps for almost all age groups. If you are a student, then you can use Android apps to improve your learning, stay organized, and enhance your skills. Moreover, as most of the apps are free you don’t have to spend a dime to reap the benefits. Here is a list of 5 Android apps for students.

1. Math formulary:
Math formulas are universal, therefore irrespective of where you stay you will need to learn those formulas and keep them handy. Additionally, having the formulas categorized based on topics will help students to learn quickly. That’s what this app does. Math formulary app has grouped math formulas based on topics like Basic arithmetic, Analysis, Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra, and logic. Moreover, along with each formula the app displays corresponding diagrams as well. With just 2.4 MB in size, many students have found this app helpful in revising formulas. Additionally, this app is available in German, French, and Spanish.

2. Grammar Guide:
This guide may not contain extensive grammar rules, but can be used as a handy reference while writing essays. The categories in this app are based on the difficult areas students generally face. You will find sections for sentence structures, punctuation, capitalization, misused words, personal pronouns and more. If you are already proficient in grammar then you may not find this app useful, but if you are a learner and looking for a handy grammar reference, then this app can serve your needs well for just one dollar.

3. My student budget planner:
Parents generally take care of the troublesome task of managing budget for their children. This leaves students fewer opportunities or exposure to manage their budget or understand the need to manage their budget efficiently. If you as a parent want to educate your children about the basics of planning budget, then this app will give your children all the practical guidance that are needed to plan a budget. Moreover, students who are staying alone in hostels or who earn to meet their own school expenses can make use of this app to get additional guidance about budget planning. As this app is free, students can learn about budget planning for free.

4. Document scanner:
Students always have the need to go through plenty of notes, books and reference materials. Imagine while reading a reference book you come across a highly informative material which you wish to share with your friends, then document scanner can help you scan the page and save as PDF file, thus saving you a lot of time and energy. Although it is a bit high on the price tag, the app has enough features to meet the needs of a student.

5. StudyBlue Flash cards:
Flash cards help students to revise and memorize important information. This app allows you to create flash cards in collaboration with your online friends. Moreover, the app has features to allow you to quickly browse the flashcards using study filters. Students can use this app to quickly browse the flashcards irrespective of whether they are in a coffee shop or in a library.

Students can stay glued to their studies round the clock with Android apps. Moreover, as the apps are related to studies students won’t get deviated to unwanted activities like browsing or chatting.


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