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Educational Applications for Kids

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Sooner or later, your kid will find out all about the entertainment options technology brought to our lives. They will adore playing with your iPod, cell phone, laptop or any other gadget. Honestly, they will even be better than you, since they will learn to use those gadgets earlier than you did. Are you afraid of it? Well, even though those lovely games and applications can make them not so interested in playing with other kids, you can teach them that gadgets can be very useful and helpful learning tools as well. Math, language, music, art… Whatever you think is appropriate for their age and interests, they can learn it in a fun and interactive way, by using some wonderful Apple applications.

Kids’ Dental Health – Educational Interactive Book with Games for Kids is a nice application available at iTunes apple store. It is and interactive book about the oral hygiene with four cool mini games. Kids can listen to the story, or to read this book by themselves, but also they can touch the objects to get some additional information and sounds. The concept is very nice, the graphics also. It is recommended for the age of 3.5 and above.

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