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IR-Blue, Thermal Imaging Camera

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thermal imagingSomething that started as a project to help Andy Rawson, the founder, to find the drafts in his one century old house became a Kickstarter campaign. The asking amount raised approximately six times. Building thermography was the first idea, but it has been developed to even more than that.

The IR-Blue is the name of the accessory working with Android and iPhone creating a thermal imaging camera. The IR-Blue reads the temperatures of its surrounding using a 64-zone infrared sensor (non-contact). After reading wanted temperature, this accessory is sending the information via Bluetooth to IR-Blue app. This app is free.

The IR-Blue accessories support Bluetooth 4 BLE and Bluetooth 2. This app works with the iPhone 4S, 5 and the fifth generation iPod Touch, as well as new iPad devices. When it comes to Android powered devices, this accessory works with Android 2.3 and newer versions. In general, devices should have 480×800 resolution displays or better ones.

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