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Kazoo – Secure and Innovative Total Emergency Assistance in a Dangerous Situation

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secure and innovative Kazoo appIt’s a horrifying experience when a child or elderly person is lost or in danger or there’s a medical emergency. Now for such a situation, a great application known as Kazoo has been developed. Kazoo app offers all the essential information such as location, 30-day pinpoint location history and live video streaming.

Using Kazoo is extremely simple. The person in danger should just tap the SOS function of the app and all emergency numbers along with 911 are notified and get the person’s exact location and can get live video streaming.

However, Kazoo is not just an emergency app – it’s more than that! It enables users to communicate safely and securely with their desired groups through texting, photo sharing and meeting functions.

The secure and innovative Kazoo app, which works with Apple iOS, comes with an excellent compatibility with mobile phone plans as well as rideshare companies, as an additional essential safety feature. With Kazoo, you can rest assured that your personal data would never be sold or shared with unauthorized parties.

Kazoo is an all-in-one mobile application. Thus a Kazoo user can get an instant emergency response and secure, private communication with their desired groups or individuals, and even emergency services. You can chat with and send photos and videos to your contacts, and when you need a help, Kazoo enables you to instantly send pinpoint GPS information as well as live video streaming to 911 services and other emergency services.

Who can Benefit by the Kazoo Application?

Kazoo application can be used by any individual who is in a dangerous situation and needs total emergency assistance. These may include school-going children, ridesharers, people who are lost and in a helpless situation, or anyone who needs help by Kazoo. What’s more, Kazoo includes a 30-day location history too which is particularly helpful during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Developed and run by a team of talented designers and engineers, Kazoo mobile application offers effective communication, instant contact, safety, security and pinpoint GPS emergency response.

In an emergency situation, the Kazoo 911 app sends extremely detailed location information together with the option of live video contact. If a person is lost or is worried about COVID-19 contact risks, Kazoo offers a Kazoo Find feature which locates the person with pinpoint GPS accuracy and offers a 30-day location history too. Users don’t have to worry at all while communicating during sensitive scenarios with Kazoo Groups, with messaging, photo sharing and meeting options. All these features offer optimal support during emergencies.

The Kazoo SOS mobile app has an excellent potential in a growing mobile security market, because it offers superior emergency services that can be integrated into mobile phone plans as well as rideshare services. Kazoo designers and engineers have a high experience of working with top companies like Apple, Twitter and Warner Music, and they work with topnotch business houses.

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