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Kpop Lyrics App – Sing Along Popular Korean Tunes

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A brand new app Kpop Lyrics by Yn’Story is now also available on US iTunes App Store. This lovely sing-along iOS app will help you, even if you are non-Korean speaker to sing along with very famous Korean tunes. A version with less features was also released and in next few days, you can download it for free from the iTunes App Store.

Kpop genre has become increasingly popular all around the globe, so many non-Korean speakers have began to listen to Korean catchy, innovative and lovely tunes. However, even though you do not have to understand the lyrics to enjoy the music, people like to sing along with their favorite songs. So do Kpop fans, also, especially because most of them find Korean language too difficult to learn. Well, therefore Yn’Story has designed Kpop Lyrics app, and now this problem is solved. You enter the application, choose the song from the music library and play it. After you select a Kpop hit, Kpop Lyrics app will display the lyrics of the selected song in original Korean alphabet, but it does also transliterate the lyrics in the English alphabet. So, you can sing along with your fave songs flawlessly! In addition, you might even learn to read in Korean. Besides these lyrics, app offers to search for the meaning of the songs, you can bookmark your hit songs as favorites and the lyrics will be saved as image files, so you will be able to use and share them easily.

Please, check out the trailer: For more information and if you want to purchase this useful and fun app, check out

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