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McAfee Mobile Security for Android

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Mobile malware and other security and safety issues are becoming a bigger and bigger issue for Android users. Many applications for Android have been released to respond to these issues, and McAfee Mobile Security is just one such project. A premium, subscription-based product, many users are curious whether or not the protection services and features really warrant the steep yearly subscription price.


The protection that McAfee Mobile Security offers is solid. This application is one of the best security suites available for Android. It is an all-around solution, providing protection against phishing, mobile malware, and device theft for a USD $30 subscription rate each and every year. The protection includes on demand security scans, call & SMS filtering, backup, app protection, restore & wipe capabilities, web protection, a device lock and more. Without getting bogged down in technical details, think of the McAfee product for your Android much as you would the security McAfee offers for your computer. Many of the features offered are very much the same or quite similar.

Remote Location Functions

The app’s antitheft and remote location services are vital features. When we carry device with us everywhere, there is a great chance of losing them or having these phones or tablets stolen. The McAfee Android app lets you initiate these important features on the McAfee website or via SMS commands from another phone. Using these features, you can find your Android on a map, and you can remotely activate the alarm. It additionally lets you lock your missing Android with a custom message telling whoever has it how to return it to you. The app also lets you remotely wipe all important or personal information from your photos to your contacts from your phone if you don’t think you will be able to retrieve your device, and McAfee backs up all of this information so you can add it back to your retrieved device (or your new one).

Ease of Use

Android users of all experience levels will surely find this application easy to navigate, and the same should follow for the website. Most of the features are easy to use, but the required six-digit PIN required by McAfee may be a bit problematic as it could be hard for many to remember. Logging on to the website for users with Android phones may be a bit difficult. Your mobile number is your required user name. You will need to include your country code, something that may be forgotten soon after the first time logging in. Android tablet users don’t have that problem, as their login name is their email address.


All in all, the McAfee mobile security app for Android does a great job of protecting these devices against many different threats. While this application is feature-rich, there are many other mobile security applications that cost less and offer even more, and the protection they offer is equally good. When Avast Mobile Security is free and comes loaded with more antitheft features, it is certainly hard to recommend the McAfee Mobile Security app regardless of what an excellent job it does.

Written by David Barry, blogger, tech geek and a member of mac-how community.

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