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Phoenix Bird App – Review

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If you are a flying sim fan, you should try this new game on the iOS platform – Phoenix Bird app. Launched in July 2012, it is an aesthetically designed 3D flying simulator game where you guide the Phoenix bird. There are 70 unique levels with incredible scenery. As you progress while playing the game, you unlock more levels and you will be able to enjoy amazing landmarks, such as Buckingham Palace (U.K.), The Colosseum in Rome, Italy; Sydney Opera House, Australia; The Taj Mahal in India; beaches of the Bahamas etc.

Nicely rendered graphics is what you will find here and you will be able to see what to expect while watching the initial presentation. So, what is the aim of the game? You have to guide your Phoenix through the hoops and to collect as many gems as possible while flying. Phoenix Bird app even incorporates the use of accelerometer for movement and steering, so if you like that, you should certainly be even more satisfied with this game. The game is challenging, but it is easy to understand what you have to do. You will certainly know how to play it and your only task is to improve your playing skills and unlock all the levels. Phoenix Bird app is free, so you can check it out by yourself! For more information and if you want to download this attractive app, visit Have fun!






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