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3 Easy Yet Useful Computer Maintenance Tips

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computer maintenanceComputer and laptops are less costly to replace these days than they were in 2010; but still, they are not cheap. And refurbished electronic devices though are not as costly, but they don’t have the class of new products.

In that case, computer maintenance can offer the best of both worlds. It’s way cheaper than replacing broken devices with new or secondhand devices and evades the disruptive transition from one machine to the other. Well-maintained devices keep working years longer than the maltreated ones, supporting personal and professional use and keeping your hard-earned money safe. Following are some computer maintenance tips that can be performed even by a non-expert computer user.

1. Keep Everything Clean

This is an easy starting step. You should keep your keyboard, mouse and all openings clean.

A dirty keyboard will stop working in the long run. Same thing applies even for mouse. Even though replacing these two won’t cost you your eyes, the money saved just by keeping them clean and preventing them from breakage can be used in other better ways.

Clean your keyboard’s more accessible areas with a lint-free damp cloth. It just needs common sense to remember not to spray water directly on the keyboard or anywhere else on your computer. But also take care to make the cloth not drenched, but just damp, so that when you press it on the keyboard, it won’t release water. Clean the mouse in the same way.

Clean the harder-to-reach parts of mouse and keyboard with a compressed air canister. It’s not very expensive.

Now pay attention to your laptop’s or desktop’s ports. If they are clogged with dust, airflow is reduced and the gadget may get overheated. Clean them with a cloth too.

2. Cleaning the Monitor

Remember that your monitor is as susceptible to dust and dirt as your keyboard, mouse and ports. Dust it regularly with a microfiber cloth. Use LCD screen cleaner to clean tougher stains.

3. Keep Foods Away

Never eat or drink near your desktop or laptop. This is of course easier said than done as you’re often tempted to sit with a packet of chips while watching your favorite show or have such tight deadlines that you have to work while having your lunch. In such a case, even a single spill is enough to ruin your keyboard and a big-sized blob can penetrate the casing and destroy the precious internal components of your device. But remember seriously to keep foods and drinks away from your valuable devices.

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