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3 Useful and Simple Mac Maintenance Tips

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AppleWhy do we love Macs? Because they are typically trouble-free and very easy to maintain. However, this does not mean we should ignore the system maintenance completely. Here we will give 3 useful and easy maintenance tips to help you keep your beloved Mac computer running at its best.

Every month or two it is recommended to run Disk Utility. In general, this is a good idea for at least 2 reasons: repairing and verifying the hard drive and repairing permissions. All Macs contain Disk Utility and you can find it in the Utilities/Applications folder and under the “First Aid” tab, you will find 2 necessary procedures that could be run one after another.

Keeping Mac Software updated is the vital part in maintaining your computer. Running Software Update periodically from the Apple menu and checking the Mac App Store for brand new updates is more than recommended. These updates might be feature enhancements, security or general bugs fixes. It’s so easy to keep Mac Software up to date, so you don’t have an excuse to avoid it. Also, default Software Update are going to check for updates on a weekly basis, but for the updates in OS X Lion, you should check Mac App Store manually. Software Update has to move to the Mac App Store with OS X Mountain Lion and this whole process is going to be automated for the users of OS X 10.8.

Believe it or not, cleaning off the desktop is very important maintaining part. In fact, if you have a lot of flies on your desktop, that can actually slow down your Mac. Of course, this slowdown is harder to notice on the newest Macs, but it can still happen. The best suggestion is to get in the habit to file things into appropriate folders and off the desktop. However, if you are too lazy to do so, grab all these files and move them into one directory to deal with that later. Also, there are applications that are going to clean it for you automatically by moving these folders and files to a designated place regularly.

*If it happens to have a problem with your Mac, and you have to repair it, check out the best Mac repair services in your area (Mac repairs Leads, for example).

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