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How to Afford the Very Best Gadgets

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"gadgets"When you look around the tube on the commute or the bus, or any coffee shop, it’s a very different sight to the one you might have seen 10 or even just 5 years ago. Once people would be holding newspapers and books, or they would have been listening to tape players, or they would have been working away at a notepad and doing all of their work that way. Today however this has changed and instead we have people reading the paper or magazines on their iPads, watching films on their phones, listening to music on MP3 players and typing away on ultra-small netbook computers. If you don’t happen to have such devices yourself then it’s enough to make a person jealous.

And then, even if you do have a netbook, then you’ll find yourself still feeling jealous when someone brings out their shiny new iPad. And then even if you get yourself an iPad, the time will come when someone gets out their iPad 3, or a Microsoft Surface Tablet, and the jealousy pangs will begin anew.

And these items aren’t only desirable because they look good, they are also genuinely highly useful and capable in many cases of helping you to improve your productivity, woo clients and avoid boredom by having a wealth of multimedia entertainment at your fingertips. The problem is though, that most of us can’t afford to keep buying the latest gizmos each time something new comes out, and that leaves us stuck with our old outmoded technology and pining after the shiny Apples and Dells.

But fear not, as there are actually several ways around this problem. Here we will look at just some of the strategies you can use to raise the funds for your devices or to cut the costs so you can afford them.

Trade In

You might think that you need to hang onto every old phone and every old computer you ever had for sentimental reasons, but trust me: you’re not going to use them. As such then you may as well trade in your old device in order to raise the funds and in some cases this will make a big difference.

Buy On Finance

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If you buy an item on finance then you basically buy now and pay later and that means paying off your debt in monthly instalments until the device becomes officially yours. This works well because it means you don’t feel the sting of the money and instead it’s just like having another mobile phone bill.

Buy Second Hand

If you buy second hand from somewhere like cash exchange then you actually will often not be able to tell the difference in the device at all. Something like an iPhone once wiped will probably be just as good as new.

Claim it Back

If you are self-employed then you might be able to claim the device back when you fill out your tax returns and in this way it suddenly becomes relatively less expensive (because you save the money later which you would not have if you had bought food with the cash). If the device can help you in any way with your business then you have a legitimate claim to claim. However if you’re not self-employed then you may have one even better option open to you – convincing your employer that you need one to do a better job. Genius…

Hey, I am Bren Sandler and I like buying the best gadgets as soon as they are in the market. I have often used some buy now pay later sites when I couldn’t afford something immediately. I hope these tips will help all gadget lovers.

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