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iPhone Overheating Issue

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iPhone overheating issueIf you have a problem an overheating problem with your iPhone to the point of refusing power and shutting itself down, you should keep in mind several things. First of all, Apple company is well aware of this overheating issues, especially due to the warm weather or direct sunlight exposure. Even playing games while using GPS-dependent applications can cause your device to shut down. Yes, even though you might think this is too frustrating, keep in mind that any device heats up when it’s in use. If you overwhelm your iPhone with more and more running features, eventually it will need a few minutes to cool itself and take a breather.

You might ask yourself why hasn’t this problem been fixed? You pay so much money on iPhone or you looked for special ways to unlock iPhone 4, so it is alright to expect of Apple to do something about it, especially if they are aware of this problem. Well, it looks like the company is working on a solution. The applications are more overwhelming, the hardware becomes more robust, so the more efficient solution to cool iPhone down has to be found.

In the meantime, we will share some tips with you how to, for example, travel with your iPhone and not to be frustrated by its shutting down every now and then. First of all, disable all the location services that you do not find necessary. Try not to use turn-by-turn directions. It is recommended to generate the driving directions, save them and use them offline. Also, you could get a new car adapter, because it is possible it could be outputting too much power. Use only Apple-approved car adapters and consider removing charger from time to time. And of course, do all the obvious things like removing a case while charging your iPhone etc.

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