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Pre-Verdict: PlayStation 4

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ps4While we are waiting for PlayStation 4 to hit the US and European stores, we have been looking for the first “hands on” reviews to gather some useful information on the new Sony console. So, here is a pre-verdict we would like to share with you. Check out Ps4 community forum for more details.

PS4 has less restrictive DRM policies and it’s less pricy than Xbox One. However, it would be rather naive to say that Microsoft console is down for the count. When it comes to DRM-free policy, Sony is not quite as black&white as it seemed to be. It will be supported on used games, but the third-party publishers will still be able to impose any restrictions, the same as before. So, free-to-play games will definitely be free, even with no PS4 Plus subscription. On the other hand, EA and its online pass shows quite clearly how it’s going to be with their products. Drive Club, Knack and Warframe are just some of the titles that has already been confirmed by the company, but we are not really sure about all the release dates. What we know at the moment is that there are 30 announced exclusives accompanied with PS 4 and the most of them are going to be launched withing the next 12 months. Mostly, they are totally new IPs.

So, what about the store hitting dates and prices? Europeans will have to wait until November 29th, while US gamers will be able to enjoy their console from November 15th. In US it’s going to cost $349, in UK £349 and in Europe €399. The PlayStation Camera is confirmed to cost $59.99 in US and it will be available at launch.

One thing is certain, having Microsoft’s and Sony’s consoles in the stores soon means one incredible gaming holiday season. We are looking forward to new information and promising gaming experience!

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