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10 Amazing Tips to Keep Your iPhone in Good Shape

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iPhone Repair VancouverThere is no doubt that iPhone is an amazing gadget. But it’s also true that it’s quite vulnerable to damage. Being a pricey and delicate gadget, iPhone needs a lot of care and maintenance. After all, you cannot buy a new iPhone every 6 months.

But you don’t have to worry. The life of your iPhone can be improved and any damage can be prevented with a simple, regular maintenance routine before having to contact someone like iPhone Repair Vancouver. Here are some iPhone maintenance tips to avoid both physical as well as software damage.

iPhone Maintenance Tips to Avoid Physical Damage

1. Clean your iPhone

Since we carry our phones everywhere, they can easily become dirty and germ-laden. Thus, though you may not realize it, your phone needs a slight polish more often than you imagine.

Apple recommends using a soft, lint-free, damp cloth for cleaning the phone. The cloth should not be so damp that water can enter the various buttons, ports and other openings. Also, you should never use anything rough because iPhones are coated with a fingerprint-resistant oil repellent. It will naturally wear down over time, but rash cleaning may remove it ahead of time.

Clean your iPhone

2. Clean the Charging Port

If charging your iPhone is a problem, the culprit may be as simple as a clogged charging port. The gunk can be cleaned with a simple tool like a toothpick or the SIM removal tool that accompanied your iPhone. However, you should act very carefully and make sure you don’t harm the contact points with forceful actions.

If any of these is not working, you can consider using compressed air. Although Apple doesn’t recommend using canned air or other cleaning products, a swift blast might help clean out any sticky debris. The can should be held close to the charging port, but the nozzle should not be inserted inside.

Even after these efforts, if you still face problems while charging your phone, there may be a hardware problem. In that case you should contact Apple Support or an iPhone repair service like iPhone repair Richmond.

wet iPhone repair

3. Clean the Microphone and Speaker

It’s very important to clean your iPhone’s microphone and speaker. If you fail to do this, call quality, your ability to control Siri and music playback can be affected.

To start the cleanup, get a soft-bristled toothbrush and rub it very gently over both the openings to slacken the gunk. Then take a piece of tape and press it gently over the area so that dust will stick to it and you can lift it away.

Here you should not use compressed air because the forceful blast can damage the delicate membranes of microphone and speaker.

Clean the Microphone and Speaker

4. Clean the Headphone Jack

There’s a headphone jack on iPhone 6 or earlier. If you have one, you should regularly clean it out to avoid accumulation of dust and fluff.

To clean the headphone jack, compressed air can be used as given above. Or even a cotton swap can be useful. Or if you are not successful with any of these, a toothpick may be a last remedy.

Clean the Headphone Jack

iPhone Maintenance Tips to Avoid Software Damage

Apart from the cleaning routines described above, there’s a lot more you can do to maintain your iPhone’s health. So, here we’ll learn about some other software-related tips for your iPhone.

5. Manage the Battery

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Perhaps the biggest complaint people have about their smartphones is their battery life. For a heavy user, it’s challenging to make their battery last even for a whole day. This worsens even further as the battery ages.

A way to ease this out a bit is to recalibrate your iPhone battery regularly. This action can help the battery drain slowly and lengthen its lifespan.

Plus an iPhone also comes equipped with a mass of battery settings. Playing around with them can help you make the most of them.

iPhone repair Richmond

6. Create More Space

The high cost of top of the line iPhone models cause many users to adjust with less internal storage space.

Being small, this storage fills up soon, particularly if you capture several photos and constantly keeps receiving messages. You don’t want to get your storage finished just when you need it the most, leaving you irritated because you wanted to capture photos of some most candid moments. All in all, it’s advisable to keep pruning your space every now and then.

Along with media files, you can also delete apps, clean out browser data and remove offline files.

7. Back Up the Data

Backing up your data is immensely important. There are two basic ways to back up iOS – using iTunes or using iCloud. A third-party option like iPhone repair Coquitlam can also be used.

iPhone repair Coquitlam

8. Restart Your iPhone

Even before using an iPhone, you must have heard the advice of turning your phone off and then on again whenever there is any problem. Surprisingly it even applies to your smartphone maintenance. How often do you indeed restart your phone? If you don’t allow your battery to run out, the answer to this question is most probably “never”.

There are loads of benefits of rebooting your iPhone, including rectifying memory leaks, preventing crashes, freeing up memory and improving battery life.

9. Update Your Apps

Although this is a no-brainer, it’s surprising that so many people allow scores of updates to sit without bothering about downloading and installing them. Updated apps bring better security, a more stable user experience and new features.

You can easily check if you have any app updates pending by opening the App Store and tapping on the Updates tab.

Turning on Automatic Updates is even better. To do this on iOS, you should go to Settings => [Name] => iTunes and App Store and then slide the toggle beside Updates into the On position.

Update Your Apps

10. Check App Settings

Setting menus for apps keep changing over time. So, you should keep going through menus to make sure that apps are still in place the way you want them to be. You might spot that some settings are allowing you to use less mobile data.

This particularly applies to social media apps, which is infamous for automatically dragging you into their privacy-snatching “new features”.

So, are you ready for your iPhone maintenance?

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