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4 Great Alternatives to Eject Your SIM Card Tray

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Sim card TrayIf you are an avid traveller and often take international trips, you have to change your SIM card in your phone a lot of times. Most phone manufacturers provide a metal SIM ejector tool that makes popping open your SIM card tray easy. You need to open your it right upon landing at a foreign country’s airport and buy and insert a local SIM instead.

But even if these tools make your job of opening the SIM card tray easy and are incredibly useful, they are only so when you remember to carry them with you. With all your necessary luggage, it’s not easy to remember to pack such a tiny tool. So, what if you forget to carry it? Here are tips for you from an ardent traveller to use alternatives to open your sim card tray.

NOTE: Of course, you need to use these tools at your own risk. If you don’t use them carefully, you may damage your tray or break a piece of the alternative tool off in the ejection aperture.

Alternative Tools for Opening SIM Card Tray

1. Staple Pin

A staple pin is by far the easiest alternative to open up your SIM card tray. Just take out the staple pin from the corner of any papers and bend its one end open. Use the other bent end for leverage. Staple pins are the thinnest alternative tools in this list and therefore are the most likely to work on any phone regardless of the size of the ejection nodule.

2. Safety Pin

A safety pin can also work fine for the purpose. It’s quite strong and with its typical design, it’s safe to attach its head in your device’s hood. Women usually carry safety pins as they are super useful. So also, they are useful as an alternative sim card tray ejection tool. They are less likely to get lost, break or prick you.

3. Push Pin

The reliable push pin is available virtually at any office and due to its plastic head, it offers a great leverage to push its tip inside the ejection aperture.

4. Toothpick

A toothpick is an easy-to-find alternative ejection tool because it’s readily available at airport eateries. The best thing about the toothpicks is that they are quite long and give plenty of leverage. However, the problem with them is that they are too thick. So, you’ll have to polish them to make them thinner.

Similarly using your creativity, you can use many other objects including your earring, a fine-tipped pen, even your fingernail, and many such things to take out your sim card tray. So, you no longer need to worry about ejecting the sim card tray just because you forgot to carry the ejection tool. Many other objects can do your job, don’t worry!

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