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A-iEasy – The Lightest and Thinnest Smartphone Stand Holder

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A-iEasyAre you fed up of your phone stand holder because it’s very heavy or intimidating or too difficult to use with a complicated structure? A phone stand holder has become an extremely important smartphone accessory nowadays, as there are incoming calls which you can’t afford to skip even if you are driving; plus, GPS is equally important if you are driving on an unknown road in search of an unfamiliar address. While being in home, a delicate yet expensive gadget like smartphone should be stored in a safe place to avoid its breakage and facilitate accessibility. Also, there are times when you can’t hold your phone in your hands and it’s important to talk with the other person; e.g. you are holding your baby, whose dad wants to talk on the phone. In all these cases, your phone should be in front of your eyes with your hands free, and so, a phone holder that is functional and smooth to use is very important.

Here’s A-iEasy™, The Lightest and Thinnest Smartphone Stand Holder! It’s foldable too and you can keep it in your pocket easily. Being the lightest phone holder, it clings to your phone as if there is nothing on the phone! So, with this phone holder, you get your hands free to perform other tasks, instead of engaging your hand or holding the phone between your ear and shoulder, with a risk of falling.

Why A-iEasy?

  • With A-iEasy, you can eliminate the risk of falling of your pricey gadget while you have made it stand against a glass of water, a pile of books, or any such object.
  • This phone holder is the thinnest and the lightest of all phone holders available on the market and you won’t even realize that it’s attached to your phone, while keeping the phone in your pocket. Carry it with you anywhere and make the phone stand safely wherever you go.
  • You can make your phone stand in front of your little ones to let them watch their favorite cartoon films, games or anything they like. You are free to do your task and don’t have to be engaged with the kid.
  • If you want to watch your favorite TV show, a recipe or anything you like on the phone by making the phone stand conveniently before you while cooking or doing any other task.

Thus with A-iEasy, your smartphone is now extremely stable and safe. There are 21 possible positions in which you can place it anywhere. Despite being light and thin, A-iEasy is the strongest, non-toxic and eco-friendly too and fits any smartphone. Plus it looks extremely elegant and impresses others!

A-iEasy is available on Kickstarter page now in new colors and latest attractive designs. You can order it on Kickstarter now.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry, grab your piece now!

A-iEasy colors and designs

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