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Basics You Should Know About iPhone Repair

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iPhone repairWhen something happens to your iPhone you tend to get a stress. This is because the gadget becomes such an addiction that you cannot live without it even for a minute. Therefore you should keep the address of an iPhone repair specialist at hand. However there are situations when you cannot access a professional to repair your iPhone and for such times you better have some basic tips to overcome the problems on your own. Let’s see some such tips.

Cell Signal

First of all, check the cell signal that appears in the upper left corner of your phone screen. If there is not at least a bar or two there, you may be unable to use the phone or message function.

Airplane Mode

Airplane mode makes all network-based features disabled. Eventually you cannot make or receive calls, deliver or receive messages, or make use of any apps which requires data connection network or Wi-Fi (e.g. Mail, Stocks, Weather, etc). Therefore ensure that the phone is not in the airplane mode.

Changing Location

Moving from one location to another by a few feet can sometimes make a difference between zero bars and four bars and usability and non-usability of Wi-Fi or wireless network. If you are inside a room or lift or a building, try moving out. If you are out already try moving 10-20 paces in whichever direction. While moving around, pay attention towards the cell signal or Wi-Fi icon and stop when more bars come than you had seen before.

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Your Grip on the Phone

As per Apple “Gripping any cell phone will cause some decrease in its antenna performance, with some places being inferior than others as per the placement of the antennas. This is true for every wireless phone. If in case your iPhone 4 you observe this, stop gripping it in the lower left corner such that it covers both the sides of the black strip in the metallic band or just use one of the many available cases.

Toggling Airplane Mode

Another thing you can try is start airplane mode by tapping Settings on the main menu and then tapping airplane mode. Turn it on and off. Wait for 15-20 seconds after turning on and turn off again. This resets both the wireless data network and Wi-Fi connections. This works if your network connection has a problem.


This also you can try, i.e. restarting your iPhone.

Check SIM Card’s Setting

A SIM card is Subscriber Identity Module and is a removable card used to recognize mobile phones. You are able to change phones by changing the SIM card from one phone to the other.

To remove the card, straighten one end of a thin-gauge paper clip. Insert the straight end lightly into the hole on the SIM tray. When the card slides out, lift it carefully and then reinsert it, ensuring that it is firmly seated in the tray before you push the tray gently back to its position until it locks.

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