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Can Your iPhone Get a Virus?

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AppleOn the Internet there are zillon viruses and users might be concered about getting an iPhone virus. It’s legitimate to think about it, but fortunatelly there is usually no need to worry about it. 

Technically, iPhone and other Apple products running the same operating system might get a virus. However, the likehood of this scenario is, at least right now, extremely low. Most of iPhone viruses have been createdand developed by the security researchers for the testing purposes, but they have not been released on the Internet. Jailbroken iPhone can be attacked by worms. As long as your precious device is not jailbroken, you do not have to worry about viruses.

Just to be safe, should you get iPhone virus protection? At this moment, there is no need for it. As any other protection, they might slow down your device and use memory you can use for some lovely and useful app. Of course, it depends on what you plan to do with your iPhone should you get virus protection or not. Also, it’s hard to find an antivirus iPhone software. Well, even if you can find them on the world wide web, there is no antivirus software at the App Store. Those with similar names usually are tools for scanning attachments, even though those attachments could not infect the iOS. What about McAfee? They have created an internal application, but they haven’t released it yet.

Bottom line, as soon as you start seeing those anti-virus apps on the App store, reconsider getting one for the security or protection of your iPhone. One more tip is to trust, at the first moment to those large security companies and their products. If you, however, doubt your iPhone does not work properly becase it has been infected by viruses, check out some of the iPhone repair stores (if nearby, iPhone repair Lafayette, La).

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