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Finding the Best Mobile Phone Deal

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finding best mobile phone dealsWhile mobile phones are becoming a necessity rather than luxury, we also need to keep an eye on the money we have to invest on the actual cost of the handset, maintenance and the monthly payment to the network provider. In that case, it is natural that you may look for one of the best mobile phone deals. Here are some tips.

You should start by considering the most ideal kind of deal. There are three options, viz.

  1. PAYG (Pay As You Go): This is perfect for those who spend less than £10 per month on their phone.
  2. Sim-only Contract: Best for heavy users who own a cell phone.
  3. Pay-monthly Contract: Best if you are yet to get a phone and are planning to get a high end smartphone.

You should choose one of these options depending on to what extent you use your phone for calls, text messages and browsing internet, and also on how often you change to a new handset.

PAYG (Pay As You Go) Deals

When you take up a PAYG deal, you don’t have to pay a fixed monthly charge and you also need not sign a direct debit agreement. Instead, you can “top-up” your phone’s credit by paying the amount you want, in advance. Once this amount is used up, you cannot make calls or send messages till you top-up again. This payment system is great for those whose monthly usage is not more than £10 to £15.

Sim-only Deals

This is good if you have a handset already. In this deal you get only a sim and not a new phone. You are granted calls, text messages and data; however the monthly charges will be less than that of a pay-monthly deal. Another benefit of this deal is it generally binds you only for 30 days at a time.

Pay-monthly Deals

This deal is made with a traditional mobile contract according to which you pay a minimum fixed fee per month by direct debit and obtain a free or subsidized cell phone in return along with a fixed number of calls, text messages and data. The contract is usually for 12, 18 or 24 months. This is a great deal for those who want a topnotch smartphone but don’t want to pay a large amount upfront or if their monthly usage of phone is quite heavy. is a group of people who are passionate about cell phones and understand how tough it is to find a perfect cell phone. The website has been built with the intention of getting you such a perfect phone and great phone deals. The site contains everything you need to know while searching for the phone of your dreams, so that you don’t have to trawl through thousands of places.

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