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Fun Tips for Enjoying Life with Your Smartphone

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make the most of your smartphoneSmartphones have become a part of our lives. And they are becoming advanced every day. They are loaded with hoards of features, such as heart rate monitors, front and rear cameras, fingerprint screen lock and a plethora of apps. Though most of today’s devices are user-friendly, many smartphone owners need to learn how to make their smartphones usable. Here are tips to make your life easy through your smartphone.

Extend Your Battery Life

Having your battery drained from time to time is a big concern. But in case of your smartphone, you can perform certain easy tasks to save your battery, like:

  • There are many apps running in the background of your phone which are really not required. Barring some essential apps like those which alert you upon the arrival of a new mail or message, most apps are unnecessary and eat your battery. You can turn them off by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and selecting apps to turn off in case of iOS and by going to Settings > Data Usage then tapping on the app of your choice, then scrolling down to restrict the background data in case of Android.
  • You can even save your battery by getting the premium versions of apps! Yes, it’s agreed that you love free apps but they show a lot of ads which eat up your battery.
  • Another easy way to save your battery is not using your phone while charging it.

Make Your Life Easier

A smartphone is a great commodity that brings joy to your life. Here are some tips with which you can make your life easier with your smartphone.

Select Great Ringtones

Getting a chance to listen to your favorite music in a hectic day is like getting to an oasis in a desert. You can get many melodious ringtones at

Share Fun Moments

A hilarious typo has been made by your friend in a text message and you want to share it with others. You can take a screenshot. For your iPhone, keep Home button pressed simultaneously with Sleep/Wake button. A shutter click will be heard and screenshot will be seen in your Saved Photos section or Camera Roll.

For Android phones (only for Android 4.0 or higher), keep Volume Down and Power buttons pressed simultaneously and the image will be saved to the “Captured Images” folder in the Gallery app.

Make the most of your smartphone with these tips and enjoy having the phone!

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