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Let’s Talk About LG Optimus G on AT & T

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LG is not considered to be as one of the premium manufacturers among and Android manufacturers. Their phones are normally considered as high end phones and are typically sold as the budget phones by carriers. When there was a news about high end Android phone from LG with latest technology, there was lot of excitement. The Optimus G with AT & T is a good attempt by LG.

Hardware: LG Optimus features a 4.7 inch plastic slab and has glass on both sides of the phone. The glass surfaces are appreciable without a doubt. The frame box at the side accommodates all the slots and buttons of the phone, which features a panel made of plastic for the SIM slot and microSD card. You can’t remove the battery so there is no back panel. The phone feels sturdy when you hold it.

The hardware inside the phone is also very impressive. The phone features Snapdragon S4 process and RAM of 2GB. The screen with 1280 x 720 IPS LCD can deliver bright colors and intense blacks. The phone features the covered 2100mAh battery, which was specifically designed by LG Chem. It has a camera of 8MP, but the Sprint version of this phone features 13MP camera.

Even after featuring the same size screen as Galaxy Nexus from Samsung, the Optimus G feels larger because of its rectangular shape. The corner of the phone sites inside your palm and makes you hold it in a different way. Since the back portion of the phone is glossier, it is not easy for your fingers to grip it. At first, it may not be easy for the users to use Optimus G with one hand, but after a while you will find your own spots to hold it comfortably without any problem.

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