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Mobile Phone Business – Choosing Company Name

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business nameAre you considering starting your own mobile phone business? Think about mobile company names. They represent the image and label of mobile phone business. The name of the company is more than just the label and the image. It can gain you a popularity, if it’s chosen wisely. However, don’t choose the great name for the business with mediocre performance. Name should be the part of the plan, not everything you can offer to clients and customers.

Most people will first hear the name of your company and then find out about your services or products. You only get one first impression, make it count!

1. Say the name aloud. Does it sound good? Using two or three words which start with the same consonant, such as Jimmy John’s. Of course, don’t overdo it: she sells seashells on the seashore and similar alliterations are way too much. If the name is going to be mentioned in a conversation or on the radio, make sure that it sounds good and unforgettable.

2. Name with the meaning related to your business is the key to success. However, don’t choose names that are too generic.

3. Skip dyslexic spelling… even though it might be fun and interesting! People, in general, tend to “correct” spelling mistakes, especially those mild dyslexic spelled word. Honestly, I always have a problem when spelling Flickr – somehow I add “e”. Well, Flickr is popular and successful, but don’t be so optimistic if you are a fresh starter.

Finally, even though it might be obvious, keep in mind that your mobile company requires an online presence. Therefore, consider domain names availability. Your domain name should reflect clearly what you do and offer and it has to stand out.

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