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Place your Desktop and Laptop in Your Tiny Pocket

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Groundbreaking Software Converts Smartphone Into an Amazing Pocket Computer

L3Software programmer Pavel Kostal has invented a program that makes use of the power of today’s smartphones to bring your pocket the magic of a desktop or laptop. Kostal hopes that the Revolutionary Desktop software will be available in the near future, allowing smartphones to work as mini mobile computers while retaining their role of mobile phones.

Once you install the software, the phone is simply put in a wired docking device. You can use it wirelessly too, so as to access your computer files on the smartphone. The software enables using programs in the same way as it’s used on the PC, adapting to the interface and size of the phone, which then can be connected to a keyboard, mouse and an external monitor. You can use your phone to create tables, texts or browse the internet, and do other jobs that would earlier have to be done on a desktop or laptop computer. After you are done, the phone can be disconnected by taking it out of the docking device.


This Revolutionary Desktop is an ideal solution to business people and executives who are in travel most of the time for presentations and conferences. With the help of this new software they can create new files or graphs on their phones and even make last minute modifications to documents as easily and conveniently as with a computer. Routine users too can use the software to convert their phones into a multimedia hub to play games, or play music files or watch videos that they have on their computers.

The vision is for the technology to be handy for extensive array of uses like docking cafes at company lobbies or libraries, where users would need just their phones to connect to monitors, mice, keyboards and Wi-Fi connection to form, edit and perform tasks at ease and convenience.


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