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Samsung Galaxy S4 – Design

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Samsung Galaxy S4 designEven though the latest iPhone was so anticipated, the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is the year’s hottest phone, even though it has been released in March 2013. Following the smash-hit Galaxy S3, which is probably one of the best smart phones ever, it’s clear that Samsung company has decided not to fix it, but to turn it up to eleven. Samsung Galaxy S4 means a powerful device in one’s pocket because of the wide and useful array of specs and features. This time we will discuss its design.

The Samsung S4 has a roomy 5″ screen and plays videos at 1080 resolution with 441 pixels/inch. This crisp high-definition detail is better than the iPhone, without any doubt. However, those extra pixels do not make such a great difference in practice. Samsung Galaxy S4 is lighter and slimmer than S3. It’s 7.9 mm thick, plus S4 the back is slightly flatter compared to the curved back of Galaxy S3. However, due to its single home button and rounded edges, these two Galaxy models look pretty much similar. When it comes to this home button, rumors suggested that S4 would lack it, but it’s quite comfy to know that you can always hit the single button and go back to the start. The S4 comes in black and white colors at launch, but as we have already seen, Samsung has the tendency to add few more colors later. With Samsung Galaxy S4 cases, users will certainly both protect and add their personal touch to their new mobile phone.

The S3 has the pop-off plastic back and it drew a flak because of it. S4 has the same plastic back and users don’t prefer it because even though it’s light and durable, they don’t have that desired feel of aluminum, Nokia’s polycarbonate or glass. It seems like many fans will be disappointed because of the similarity between S4 and S3. This dilemma is well-known to iPhone fans: how to show off you’ve got the latest mobile phone if it looks almost the same as its predecessor? Nevertheless, Samsung Galaxy S4 is an absolute beast of a smart phone.

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