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Spam Phone Call Checker and Reverse Phone Lookup Site and Other Ways to Stop Unwanted Calls

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stopping unwanted callsUnwanted calls are a big annoyance. They disturb us in deep sleep or on a lazy Sunday morning or when we are tremendously busy in work or at any moment when we just don’t want them. Recently telemarketers have started disturbing us with such unwanted calls; but for that matter, anyone can disturb us with a phone call. Can we stop these calls? Yes, there are ways. Here are a few.

Who Called Me provides an excellent service of phone number reviews and you can even perform your own reverse phone number lookup. They cover a wide range of area codes and provide an excellent spam checker. The website is run by users for users of telephones and users write reviews on various callers which you can read.

Call-blocking App

You can install an app on your android phone or iPhone that can block unwanted calls. These apps block calls from blacklisted or unknown numbers.

Changing Phone Settings

Android phones and iPhones are equipped with settings that enable you to get calls only from people you want. A downside of this system is that if a person from whom you actually want to hear calls you from an unknown number, you won’t get the call. However, if you receive an excessive number of unknown spammers’ calls every day, this option may work for you.

The Privacy Mode in your android phone can be set so as to get calls only from people you preapprove from your contact list.

In iPhone you can use Do Not Disturb setting and silence calls from everyone barring those that you select from your contacts list.

Call Trapping

Call trapping services force the caller to show the number from which they call. This is a paid service and works for android and iPhones, but not landline phones.

Inbound Call Blocker for Your Landline

An inbound call blocker makes it necessary for the caller to punch a code to access you. This will eliminate calls from callers who don’t have your personal code. If you are constantly being disturbed by unknown callers, this service is worth for you.

Thus, if you are disturbed by a lot of unwanted calls every day, don’t worry. There are services for you to stop them. Choose any of these and get a great peace of mind!

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