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Things That Can Go Wrong With Your iPhone Over Time

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iPhone repair color changeAn iPhone is a precious possession and after some time you get so much used to it that you feel insecure and dead without it, as if you haven’t eaten anything or drunk water for the day! iPhone is like your dear pet who delights you because you meet your friends through it, you enjoy various things, movies, jokes, videos and music through it; no wonder, iPhone is like a living creature for you. But with time this non-living yet living friend of yours start falling sick, and makes you sick too. Can anything be done about that? Let’s see.

Frozen Screen

It’s a common problem with iPhones that sometimes their screen becomes frozen, i.e. unresponsive. In such a condition, the best thing to do is to power it off and then on again. But this sometimes may not work. In that case, try to reset your device. You can do this by keeping the home key and the sleep/wake key pressed at the same time. If this too doesn’t work, connect the phone to your computer and with the help of iTunes, restore the OS. Don’t forget to back up your data prior to restoring in iTunes.

No Power On

It’s a tricky situation when your iPhone doesn’t power on. Try to charge the battery by connecting the device to a power supply. It will take some time to show the low battery screen, so have patience. If this doesn’t help, you may have to get a new battery or contact the service center of Apple.

No Power Off

Same way, problem may arise when your iPhone doesn’t power off. In that case, keep both the home key and sleep/wake button pressed together for say five seconds. Then the Apple logo will appear. Now your device should power on and off in a normal way.

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Problem in Connecting to WiFi

If this type of problem arises, make sure first that your phone has WiFi enabled in its settings menu. If it is, but still creating a problem in connection, there are a few solutions to this. Firstly power it off and then on. If this is of no help, hold home key and sleep/wake button together for restoring the settings. If you are finding it problematic to connect your iPhone to a particular network, you can try to make the phone forget that network with Setting > (network name) > select “forget” in the next screen. Power off and then on, and then again try to connect.

Camera not Working

If your iPhone camera is not working, perhaps you have turned on restrictions. In that case, choose settings > general > restrictions. Then check whether “allow camera” is set to on. You can also tap “disable restrictions”. If this is of no help, reset the phone by holding home key and sleep/wake button together. If any of these doesn’t work, the last solution is to restore the phone in iTunes after backing up your data. And if nothing of these helps, it may mean that there is a problem in the camera hardware. In that case you may have to contact Apple or take your phone to the nearest Apple Store.

Siri Not Working

Siri may be your new close friend, if you have iPhone 4S or 5. If it’s not working, first try to clean the microphone which is at the bottom of the phone. Then choose settings > general > Siri and try to toggle Siri on and off. Wait for half a minute. If nothing of this works, reset the network with settings > general > reset > reset network settings. The last option is to reset the entire phone. This can be done with settings > general > reset > reset all settings. This will maintain all your data and will reset the settings.

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