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Top Ideas for Personalizing Your Cell Phone Case

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HotPrintUSAHaving a smartphone and a cover for it may be just a normal thing today. If you want to upgrade, you should have a stylish personalized case for your stylish phone. Here are some tips for you for customize your cell phone cover.


You can choose light, thin polycarbonate plastic case for your phone that won’t cover the display but will protect the phone’s back from scratches. This is strong, one-piece structure and you should check whether it has holes aligning with the phone’s features. Or you can choose many other materials, like leather, vinyl or fabric and get a hot print of your favorite designs to personalize it.

Choose an Appropriate Style

There are several styles in cell phone cases, including book-themed, wallet-style, clip, sleeve, flip pouch and fitted. Each has its own benefits. If you love books, having a book-themed phone case and getting a feel of holding a book in hand is great, whereas a wallet-style case is very convenient because you can store all your essentials including credit and debit cards, cash, credentials etc along with your phone. A clip is useful to store the phone securely when not in use. A sleeve is made of soft material and covers the phone completely when not in use, so it protects the screen as well as back from scratches, while a flip pouch opens like a book to show the inside. A fitted phone case snaps the phone snugly and gives total protection. So, according to your need, you can choose one of these styles.

Design Ideas

  • While choosing colors for your phone colors, you have options of transparent and opaque colors. However, you should remember that the contrast between transparent and solid opaque colors is quite stark because of which your design may seem as if there are gaps in it or the colors have not been printed properly. So, choose colors carefully.
  • Choose your favorite book’s cover as your phone case’s design. This is great if you have chosen a book-themed cell phone case. This is also great if you have chosen a leather case, so that your phone looks exactly like a high-profile book with a leather binding.
  • Get your favorite statement or slogan printed on the phone case. It may be about the noble cause you are working for or your life’s statement. Personalize your phone with such a statement.
  • Print yours or your sweetheart’s photo on the phone case to express your love. You can also print any other photo, like that of your pet or your beloved person or a landscape. is a leading company offering a range of printed products and custom printing. Visit their site to see the numerous options you can get. Watch this video too to know more about the company and some of their amazing offers.

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