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Useful Tips to Choose the Best Mobile Coverage in Denmark

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Mobile coverage in DenmarkWhether you’re a permanent resident of the beautiful country of Denmark or a tourist wishing to enjoy a comfortable stay in the Nordic country, you’re sure to need a mobile phone to remain in constant touch with your dear ones or co-travellers, capture the Little Mermaid & other beautiful Danish icons into the camera and check the latest news about daily happenings and weather. Hence, you’ll need to check what type of mobile coverage you can get in Denmark. Here are a few tips that may help you out.

Mobile Providers available in Denmark

Some leading mobile providers in Denmark are Telmore, CBB Mobile, OK and Yousee. They are known to provide the best plans that can meet your needs and budget. It’s advisable to compare various plans and their prices and choose the best one to suit your needs. If possible, take help of your friends and colleagues to do this and get the most suitable service.

Finding the Cheapest Mobile Provider

You should consider certain things when you’re looking for the best mobile provider that can provide you connection at a reasonable price. Major among them are speed, cost and mobile coverage in Denmark. However, although these are the main factors, based on your personal requirements, you can take other factors into consideration while finalizing the best provider and the plan.

Switching to SIM-only Plans

If you plan to switch to SIM-only plans to call, text and use data while staying within budget, consider the following things:

  • You’ll need an unlocked handset for a SIM-only plan.
  • SIM cards come in three sizes viz. standard, micro and nano. You should check which would fit your handset.
  • You’ll have to select from monthly and yearly subscriptions that would be ideal for your requirements.
  • Be careful with not ending up paying an extra cost for your used minutes or texts. Choose the tariff plan that suits your usage and needs.

the Little Mermaid

Switching Mobile Providers

It’s a good thing that Denmark has numerous mobile operators and you can easily switch between them and get a wide choice. And you can do that without changing your existing number.

You just have to search for the provider you desire and select your desired plan to order your new SIM. Changing your current number is not compulsory and you can easily port it to the new connection.

Mobile number portability is convenient as you don’t need to update your number with your office, bank, contacts or on other official documents.

To port your number, you’ll have to order the SIM from the new provider, activate it and get your number registered. The porting process gets completed within 1 to 3 working days, and your number gets activated with the new provider and you’re ready to go!

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