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Various Types of Soldering Tools You Should Have for Repairing Mobile Phones

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solder uapMobile phones have today become common and so has the need for their repairing. Due to this, mobile repairing tools are seeing a huge growth in recent time. And due to such a huge growth and a large number of these tools emerged in the market, it has become highly difficult to choose the right product for you. Here are some tips that will help you in choosing the right tools.

Soldering Tools

If you have a limited budget consider purchasing a micro solder uap with variable wattage micro soldering station. Its temperature ranges between 100 and 450 OC with an accuracy of temperature of +/- 100. The body should be metallic and ESD safe by design. These also come with a spare soldering iron and needle bit.

Another solder uap is slightly more expensive but is recommendable over the variable wattage ones because it’s much more practically suitable for delicate as well as sensitive SMD component you come across while repairing mobile phones. It provides a temperature range of 200 to 450 OC. It usually works at 24V while input voltage of the station is 230V/50Hz AC. Its design is ESD safe.

To solder/de-solder BGA chips and various other kinds of rework, you’ll require a SMD hot air rework station. It features two kinds of tools, soldering iron and hot air blower in one single unit. Its circuit is MCU controlled and the heater stops working automatically when iron or blower is not in use for a predefined time gap. The iron unit is 60 watt whereas the blower uses up 500 watts of power. The unit operates on 230V/50Hz AC. Its temperature range is 200 to 450 OC. Air flow rate is 120L per minute with precision of +/- 1L.

The spares that come with the iron unit of this station are hot air blower and hot air nozzles.

This is a great tool to hold the motherboards of mobile phones while working. You can rotate the held motherboard in 360 degrees which is very convenient while heating various sections of it using hot air blower.

De-soldering Tool

To correct your soldering mistakes, there is another great tool and it’s de-soldering pump. You can use it to extract away the incorrectly created solder from soldering connections. You can also use it to correct dry solder joints.

Fume Extractor Tool

Another essential item you should have is a soldering fume extractor because it extracts the poisonous fumes produced while soldering or de-soldering. These poisonous fumes can lead to severe healt

h hazards if inhaled and should be kept away in any case.

Have all these tools and you can repair mobiles of you and your family and friends, and get admiration.

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