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What to Do if Your Mobile Phone was Dropped into the Water?

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wet mobile phoneThis situation probably happened to you – your mobile phone was dropped accidentally in the toilet or sink? Or have you forgotten that it was left in your pocket and you went swimming? Or whatever similar? Well, in most situations, this meant you had to replace your mobile phone (lucky ones had gadget insurance). However, if this happen to you again, keep in mind that if you react quickly, there is still a chance to save your beloved phone. Here are the steps you should follow!

  • Take your mobile phone out of the toilet, sink, pet’s bowl etc. as fast as you can. Turn it off immediately. Of course, if it was in the washing machine, the device is likely to be lost for good. (Keep in mind that if your mobile phone has been connected to a charger when it was dropped, it is better to leave it there – electric shock is worse thing than phone cost.)
  • Get some soft cloths and paper towels to lay on these phone parts – battery and battery cover. If there is the SIM card in your mobile phone, remove it. Do not try to take a whole phone apart, except if you are really an expert (which is less likely to be truth if you are reading this article). However, you should remove memory cards, protective covers, phone cases and accessorize.
  • If you want to dry out the phone inner parts, do not use your hair dryer! This would even force moisture to reach deeper parts of the phone, if you use “cold” mode. In case you use warm mode, you are very likely to melt some important components. So, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner, if it is available. Also, you could use some substances which will absorb or adsorb the moisture. For example, put your mobile phone in a jar or a bag of rice (of course, uncooked) and leave it overnight. In case you have some desiccant, use it. Rice is worse, but cheaper option.
  • After a while, test your mobile phone. If it does not work, maybe battery is damaged. Try to charge it without battery and if that works, you have to buy a new battery. If it still does not work, call some mobile phone repair professional, phone repair doctor.
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