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Apple Store Reaching Soon 50 Billion Of App Downloaded

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apple store app downloadsDevelopers and a client of Apple Store have been proved to be lucky when Apple Store has crossed the download of 50 billions! The developers got more than USD 9 billion, while the client who happened to download last app from Apple Store, which was 50 billionth, was rewarded with an App Store gift card worth USD 10,000!

Apple Store has achieved this fantastic breakthrough within five years since its launch. Every time after such an achievement, Apple rewards the concerned clients and associates. This time the moment was celebrated by the Cupertino tech company, by rewarding the client of the 50 billionth download, Brandon Ashmore, from Mentor, Ohio. The app he chose is Say the Same Thing, which is a game where the user should try to guess the same word as the person on the opposite side.

Creators of the game are Andy Ross and Damian Kulash, which they came out with just in the first fortnight of May. Both are members of OK GO! band. They are habituated to the downloads of their songs. This is the first game they have released.

The game has been downloaded so far by 500,000 users. The band naturally considers the game app as worthwhile as their most popular songs. The band has other game ideas too which are likely to turn into apps.

Apple’s rival, Google has however announced that it is behind Apple just by 1 billion in the download counts and will soon reach the number of 50 billion. Google has quickly reached the same popularity as Apple, though it has been launched later. Apple Store launched in July 2008 and Google Android Market launched in October 2008 are in neck-to-neck competition now, with Android Market estimated to have around 850,000 apps.

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