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Bodega – the Hassle-free Shop on your Mac Desktop!

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Bodega is a new way to find out and buy the latest and the hottest apps for your Mac. It is like a shop on your Mac desktop! And it is full of software applications from the Mac developers from across the world. Just by downloading Bodega you can get access to a never-ending list of software to fulfill your all computing requirements.

Powerful and Insightful Search

The search engine of Bodega is extremely powerful and insightful which presents a wide range of software you are looking for, which may be of a lot of help to you.

Simple Browsing

Bodega’s interface is very intuitive so that you can discover the latest Mac applications by the hottest developers with ease. What’s more, it also shows which of the apps are top-rated and most searched and downloaded on the web.

Share Views

You can always check out what others have to say about a particular application to take a decision about it and you too can share your reviews about the downloaded apps with others.

Get the Latest News

On Bodega you will get the latest news and activities to keep you up-to-date always. With the help of the famous Apple and Mac-pro website, The Loop, you will be at once aware of the latest happening, right on the desktop, from inside the Bodega interface.

Up-to-date System

With Bodega, the hassle in keeping your system up-to-date is a past story. Bodega automatically checks the apps on the hard drive of your Mac and then ensures about the installation of latest versions. If your Mac contains an outdated app which is on the catalog of Bodega, Bodega automatically downloads and installs the update.

Direct Purchase

Now you can buy anything of your liking which you find on Bodega. You just have to click ‘Buy Now’ and Bodega, from inside its interface, releases the website of the developer and you can buy whatever you like. It is absolutely hassle-free.


A receipt of your every purchase is automatically saved by Bodega. Added to that, it also saves the registration numbers of the apps you buy. Imagine the freedom you get from the uncountable hours of search for the lost registration numbers! With Bodega, they are all kept safe and secure.

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