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Fixing Broken or Stuck iPhone 4S Power Button

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power buttonIn case you don’t feel comfortable DIY repairing your iPhone, don’t do that. Truth is, you can cause even more damage or you can run into some issues you are not really ready for. So, leave that job to the pros. Look for your local service (for example, iPhone and iPad repair in Orlando).

Even though the iPhone 4S is considered quite new, it does not mean that this device is not prone to similar or same issues as the iPhone 4. In fact, the power button hasn’t been changed in overall design much. This broken or stuck power button issue is not related to the physical power button, rather than to the cable sitting directly below the button. This cable is very important, because it controls the power button, the proximity sensor (it’s the feature that turns off the screen once it’s brought near user’s face), ambient-light sensor (feature that can sense the brightness in the room) and the top mic. In case you have experienced problems with any of these features and functions, a new cable might be a way to solve them. This repair is not the easiest thing to do, but it is doable if you have moderate to advanced do-it-yourself skills.

The iPhone 4S is not an old phone and most users will not find the power button issues are reasons to upgrade, especially those users that are not eligible. In just 90 minutes, with the power button repair, you will get your iPhone 4S back to the great working condition.

Needed tools: power button cable (replacement), SIM removal tool/paperclip, spudger tool and (optional) metal spudger tool set, security and #00 Philips screewdriver.

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