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How Reverse Phone Number Lookup Works?

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reverse-phone-lookupA man is cleaning off his desk and finds a scrap of paper with some scrawled number on it: just the phone number without any name. The man is sure he wrote it down quickly while he was on the phone, but he does not remember whose number it was. Should he just toss or save that number and add to his contact list? Has this happened to you, also? There are some situations in which reverse phone lookup can be helpful. But how does it work, exactly? Can it be totally free of charge? 

Land-line numbers for a residence or business were published in reverse phone directories, white pages etc. even before the Internet. Phone companies published these directories by specific area and town making them available to the libraries, police and all other phone users. Nowadays, the search has become faster and more convenient way for reverse phone lookup. The services are commonly free when it comes to land-line numbers and many websites (,, WhitePages etc.) offer this service. But what about mobile phones? The whole concept of the lookup services changes.

Unlike land-line numbers, mobile phones are issued by mobile phone companies rather than by regional phone company interlocking systems. Therefore, it is harder to access the mobile phone number users’ information and to make a search-able database on the Internet. Also, the mobile phone users like having their own privacy and wouldn’t like just anyone to have the ability to reach them anytime on their mobile phone. But some people would like to be found by old friends and family members and also to find their own friends by reverse mobile phone lookup service. This service is easy, but not free. Many websites provide this service, but you have to pay a yearly or one-time fee.

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