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Jelly Bean Upgrade Plans From Samsung

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The well-known Google I/O 2012 saw the giant search engine revealing the most recent Android flavor, Jelly Bean. Though all the suspense about the event was done with, one final question and that is when will it reach to Android devices? According to reports, Samsung is the most recent one in the category to have talked on this. Samsung revealed that “ soon Samsung will announce about the additional devices that are eligible for the Jelly Bean upgrade. As the largest Smartphone in the world, Samsung leads the community of Android with high class devices such as Galaxy S III and is the making of new categories of gadgets with products like the popular Galaxy. Samsung has introduced the most lead OS devices of Nexus brand and we are more than glad that Google will be offering the customers of Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S the amazing first feel of Jelly Bean on a device that is handheld”

Comment by HTC on their adoption of Jelly Bean, “We are eager about this new upgrade and are thinking to support it through a good range of devices. We are verifying the software to conclude our upgrade schedule and plans, so keep updated for more on particular upgrade plans for device.”

Some of the emphasized features of Jelly Bean OS are:

1. Text Input: As stated previously, the keyboard is much faster and more precise with Jelly Bean.

2. Butter Project: As the name itself says, the aim of this feature is to make the operating system very smooth on devices.

3. Camera: When it comes to camera, the new operating system brings new gestures of UI to the table, letting users to move sideways if they want to see a gallery. You can also delete pictures from their screen.

4. Notifications: The notification bar also obtained an upgrade with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

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