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Just How Big is Apple ?

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The Apple brand is known by many people through out the world. It dominates in the technology field and it continued to do so for 2011. Last year, Apple made about 128 billion dollars in revenue! That number is more than the total GDP of about 160 countries! Some of these countries include Slovakia, Sudan and Cuba!

Apple’s current market capital is worth over 500 billion dollars. That number makes it the biggest company in the world. That number ranks Apple ahead of other companies such as Exxon, IMB, Walmart, and even Google. Wait until you hear about the product sales of 2011.

In 2011, Apple sold 3 million Ipads during the first 72 hours of the products release. Thats 694 Ipads a minute, or 11 every second! Those numbers are through the roof! Another amazing fact is that the total number of IPhones sold in 2011, which was 72 million, is equal to the weight of the Eiffel Tower!



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