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Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumours

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samsung galaxy s5The Samsung Galaxy S4 is available on the market for about one month, but fans of Samsung phones are already wondering on what this company could offer next year. Experts and tech enthusiasts have made some good and possible guesses on what this future smartphone, very likely to be called the Samsung Galaxy s5, will be like. Here is the list of top 5 features that are good enough to sell the product, but realistic enough to be true.

3D – Almost every new mobile phone features full HD display, so the next logical step would be 3D display. LG and some other companies are already releasing this 3D devices, so the Samsung company should keep up with concurrent. They have already released 3D TV, but it requires glasses to be watched, which is unpractical when it comes to mobile phones.

Flexible body – The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched with the similar design to its predecessors and users did accept that (even though they were a little bit disappointed). So, it would be high time for the company to do something a little bit risky in order to excite its fans. Flexible displays or bodies might do the trick.

Key Lime Pie, Android 5.0 – This is the build of Android that is upcoming, so it’s very likely that the next Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature it. S4 was launched before the debut of Key Lime Pie, so now it comes to JellyBean, but next products will definitely show up with this version of Android.

Messaging System – It seems that the Samsung company hasn’t thought of a messaging system which would rely on data. Something like “S message” that would allow users to text free of charge would be great. Well, if iPhone has iMessage and BlackBerry has BBM, why wouldn’t Samsung have its own messaging system.

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