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Top 5 Criteria to Decide Whether Your Tech Device Repair Fellow is Reliable

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techdevice repairWhen your precious gadget is in the repair technician’s custody, your heart always beats with bewilderment whether the fellow is reliable or not. While there are some indicators to check this such as their credentials, reviews from other users and questions you can ask them, you can make use of some other signs too to ensure whether the repair person is real good. Here are some things that a repair technician will never tell you from which you can conclude whether to trust your repair fellow or not.

1. Don’t Put Your iPhone is a Case

Several iPhone owners, for reasons you can’t know, choose to go without a case. However, practically speaking, cases cost far less than the techdevice repair cost if the screen is cracked. If you are not very fond of the bulkiness brought by the sturdy cases, you could consider using a skin. A skin offers protection to the phone at least more than to a phone without any cover, but looks cool at the same time.

2. Purchase a New Laptop and it will be Faster

Previously, every new generation of laptops used to come with some or the other major performance improvement. But it’s not the case anymore. By putting in more memory and substituting your disk drive with a solid state drive, technicians will possibly get an old laptop performing as fast as the high end new models of today.

techdevice repair

3. Digital Televisions are Beyond Repair

It’s a fact that you should get rid of a fat CRT TV if you have one. However, were you aware that several of the new digital HDTVs have a power supply module that’s meant well enough to outlive the warranty period? A reliable device repair technician will understand how people help you get the most out of your TV and do repairs that are way less pricey than replacing your device.

4. Just Discard Your Old Electronics

As several environmentally and socially conscientious users are aware, discarding electronics is bad for environment. Not only it is non-green, you are also losing money. Old devices, particularly smartphones have cash value, even though they are many generations old. Several repair facilities will pay you cash for your old-fashioned devices.

5. Charge Your Phone Every Night Even Though it has 60% Charge Left

Though most phones are capable of stopping the charging current upon reaching capacity, it doesn’t mean you should charge your phone all night, each night. You are just inviting problems when you overdo anything, particularly with electronics. For a longer battery lifespan, it’s recommended that your smartphone should have a charge between 40% and 80%.

Use these criteria to find out whether your repair fellow is reliable and you’ll have a peace of mind that your device is in safe hands.

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