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XPPhone 2, a Windows 8 Smartphone Will Hit the Market in 2012?

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For adding more comfort into our lives, a Chinese company “In Technology Group (ITG)” has a plan to release a phone that will run on Windows 8 operating system. ITG also know as “China Apple”. This company has already made official a phone named as xpPhone at the start of this year. This handset was running on Windows 7 OS platform but just now this company has revealed an excellent plan or simply first world breakthrough “Post-Smartphone” .They are working on a new smartphone which will provide support to both Windows 7 OS and PC version of Windows 8. You can call this upcoming handset as a small PC with Windows 8. Another good thing is that xpPhone 2 will be slimmer and lighter as compared to its predecessor and surely this improvement will boost up the value of this handset in the eye of young generation.xpPhone 2 Specs

For your information, Windows 8 isn’t released however we can expect it in early 2012 that’s mean xpPhone 2 will come after it. A handset must have powerful hardware specs for running Windows 8 operating system and this thing is already noted by the company. Therefore, they claimed that this upcoming guy will be featured with a 1.6GHz processor and 2GB of RAM.  There is a possibility that it will equip 2GHz processor as this thing is mentioned on ITG’s Web site. Another thing which seems somewhat unbelievable is the integration of 112GB storage space.

China apple post smartphone
xpPhone 2 Windows 8

xpPhone 2 Windows 8 Smartphone Specs:

  • Display: 4.3 inches
  • RAM: 2GB
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz
  • Talk time: 18.5 hours continuous
  • Maximum storage: 112G
  • Number of Software supported: 150,000,000 (Intel , Microsoft and xpPhone)

xpPhone 2 will serve you in the best possible way. At home it will work as a desktop PC while on the go you can use it as the Notebook or smartphone. You can listen music, play games, make calls, type messages, etc. Social networking is made extra comfortable through this World Breakthrough Post Smartphone.

Windows 8 Smartphone

This Chinese Company is tagging this handset as  the “smallest notebook PC in the world,” and this tagging seems to be somewhat fair. The measured dimensions of XPPhone 2 Windows 8 Phone will be 140mm X 73mm X 17.5mm. It is conveniently dockable so it can stand in for a laptop, desktop and in-car navigation system. According to Engadget reports , XPPhone 2’s expected release date is first quarter of 2012. If you want to get more information regarding this smartphone then just check this press release.



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