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Beautifully Built, Easily Customizable Websites for Free

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easy website builder - theme - Paradox PixelAre you planning to have a website but are wondering how to do it easily? Well, I have something to tell that may help you. I have found a 100% FREE website builder named Paradox Pixel with whom you can have a website design of your choice and many other customizable factors; in short, you can develop a website just as you want.

Is it True?

You may think it’s too good to be true; even I kept thinking the same. But there is no catch; you don’t have to pay anything, so you have nothing to lose. They offer you a cloud-based website. You get a site developed within a much shorter time than you may think. You just have to choose your favorite theme and then you can customize it. Next, you can either choose to publish your site or save it for editing it later. And you have the site developed. I looked at their own site which has been developed with the same technology and it’s pretty nice.


Nowadays there is always a problem for website owners of having their websites compatible to all the devices, because most users try to access them on their mobile phones and all websites don’t have the ability to look nice on those small screens. But websites developed by PRDX don’t have that problem. They are not only visible on mobile phones, but also on Smart Watches.

Website of Any Size

Website of any size can be developed with this technology. Do you want just a small 1-page site? You will get it. Or do you want a huge 1000-page site? You can get that too.

Easy Customization

I tried their customization for the review purpose and noticed that it’s much easier than what other website-builders offer. You just keep your cursor hovering over your chosen theme and the suggestions like settings, image, background, etc keep showing and you can go on trying them, till you get your favorite one. Black-and-white as well as colored settings are available. You can upload your choice of images.

Unlimited Hosting for FREE

What’s most surprising to me is they are offering all this for totally free! They offer unlimited hosting with unlimited bandwidth for free.

Don’t you believe me? Visit their site on your own and see for yourself. I will be only glad if you will get a nice website for free, that’s what their motto is – “Websites shouldn’t cost anything and should be available for all”

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