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Efficient and affordable modular industrial refrigeration system

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ALTA refrigerationWith the growing advances in technology, it has become possible to achieve customization in equipment for personal and commercial use. Equipment goes through some down time and technical interruption, the expert technicians at ALTA will help service the same and will be available 24*7. Industries use refrigerators which are high in capacity and it requires maintenance from time to time. The professional team is trained and is an expert in servicing the system, equipment or controls. Their services include preventive maintenance, repairs and emergency service.

If you are looking for an Azane alternative like ALTA refrigeration, you have come to the right spot. The modular industrial refrigeration system is an alternative to the low charge ammonia refrigeration systems. The modular system will deliver the same refrigeration power as a custom built ammonia system while using no water and maintaining the same annual power consumption. The unique solution is an addition to the Expert product line which helps the consumers reduce the operational costs and achieve higher functionality. There will be a decline in the cost of power, maintenance and water usage in addition to having the flexibility of converting from the low to high temperature by adjusting the set point.

Modular solution for industries

The modular solution is suitable for use across industries and is easy to install. The unit can be effortlessly installed inside existing buildings as well as new projects. The purpose of the solution is to provide high functionality at a lower rate. The refrigerator is currently leading the market and growing across the country. Consumers understand the difference between the low charge ammonia refrigeration system and the modular industrial system. The modular system has been designed keeping the specific requirements of the industries in mind. Durable and affordable, the refrigerator does not require maintenance and has ease of use. There are rigorous training programs for the staff in order to maintain complete safety.

Exceptional service and higher efficiency

You can simply increase the temperature by the click of a mouse; this refrigerator takes comfort and convenience to another level. In addition to the high functionality of the refrigerator, they also offer exceptional services which are available 24*7. There could be an unexpected downtime or a malfunction which causes an interruption in the functioning of the refrigerator. The issue will be immediately resolved by the skilled technicians who are thorough professionals and experts in the field. This is an ideal alternative to refrigerators that use technology which is centuries old. The alternative modular refrigerator has been designed with the use of latest technology and will not require a replacement for a long time. If you have multiple refrigerators for industrial use, you can replace them with the modular model and maintain the efficiency while reducing the cost and consumption of water. The biggest advantage of the modular refrigerator is that it does not consume excess power. It will guarantee higher performance and efficiency with the same power consumption. Adopt the latest tools and enhance the productivity of your business.

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