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Events Covered and Projects Inspected by Unmanned Drones

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DTBuildingTechnology gives us more and more pleasant surprises every coming day and we just can’t stop ourselves from wondering how it could accomplish such amazing feats. Recently I got such a pleasant ‘technological’ surprise and I couldn’t resist myself from sharing it with you here. So far, I had seen real people photographing events, inspecting and mapping locations, doing surveillance of a property, advertising and doing many such tasks. Now, I could see a drone doing all these and many other tasks! Yes, I am talking about a wonderful drone by Sky Labs that is operated by a pilot on the ground and does all the tasks described above conveniently and unobtrusively!

Drone Doing Wonderful Jobs

The drone by Sky Labs can do the following jobs for you:

Photographing Events: Videographers shooting events with their camera on their shoulder will soon become outdated. They won’t have to carry the heavy device and tire their legs in search of candid moments for shooting. They can place their camera on to a drone and operate it from land while the drone will wander through the event and cover it, just like now Sky Lab’s drone does. Of course, they should be as expert as Sky Labs’ licensed professionals who capture High Definition aerial recording of events, like bat and bar mitzvahs, weddings or any other event. On the other hand, the production team of Sky Labs ensures that the drone will get the best moments to capture on film. Once captured, the film is edited and packaged along with their SkyBooth Events and thereby makes your event treasured through the film.


Inspection and Mapping: If you are a commercial farmer or a real estate developer, with SkyLabs’ drone, you can now easily inspect a land and create HD maps much faster and at a fraction of the price of that of other technologies. With the technology, you can also find potential sites for your forthcoming project. The system captures the areas and transmits the data through SkyLabs’ platform and a user-friendly interactive map is created with much less hassle and time. So, hiring a plane and photographer for doing this job has now been eliminated and you get it done at an affordable price and with a much better quality.

Aerial photograph of old gold and silver mine, Arizona, USA

Photographing Real Estate: How about giving your potential buyers a stunning bird’s eye view of your property on sale? Won’t they be impressed? They will, definitely. And you can do it through the SkyLabs’ drone. The drone will capture the actual property as well as its surrounding, while highlighting some outstanding features of the property, which otherwise would be missed.

aerial inspection of property

Disaster Relief: This is indeed a great task which can be done through the drones; they can reach dangerous and hard-to-reach areas of a disaster-affected region and present the data to you and your colleagues so that you can plan the relief program. Everyone and everything affected by the disaster or an accident is photographed and sent to you for making further plans. The unmanned drone eliminates the possibility of people who want to help getting victimized by the disaster.

Research and Development: Research organizations can make very good use of the drones by getting the aerial footage of their topics of studies. The high quality images will give the researchers new data, details and perspectives of the subject which they hadn’t noticed before or wouldn’t notice if they would use some other technology. The licensed pilots of Sky Labs navigate the drone perfectly and give you the chance to capture the footage and the results can be inspected by any number of researchers.

Miami Swim

Aerial Advertising: Give your advertising campaign a new dimension of aerial advertising. The Sky Labs drone can now bring your company or product name prominently before thousands of potential customers in the middle of the sky. The aerial advertising will make your company stand out due to the innovative form of advertising.

Search and Security: Search missions, surveillance and security measures were never so easy, as they are with the Sky Labs drones! Whether it is land or sea, the Sky Labs people create security perimeters and form a team that will conduct surveillance of your property.

search and security

How to Do That?

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Here are the easy steps through which you can hire this fantastic technology:

Hire a flight: Sky Labs have various types of packages from which you can choose the most suitable one to you. There are aerial videography, 3D infrastructure mapping and many other packages. You can choose your flight details and describe exactly what you expect. Then you can hire a flight and are ready to go!

Meet the Pilot: Ensure that your event or project would be just how you want it to be by meeting the pilot of the drone. All the pilots are verified and licensed, and Sky Labs makes sure that they meet your needs.

Involve Your Company in Flight: Involve your company all through the process of flight. Track the movements of the drone. You are offered full interaction which will offer you a hands-on experience for your flight.

See for Yourself in Real Time: See your footage coming to life in real time by joining the pilot on site. You can sit just next to the pilot on her/his seat and watch it all happening!


High Quality and Security

With Sky Labs, you get a guarantee that your job will be of high quality because they ensure that their equipment is high caliber which will capture high definition visuals and collect thorough data.

Same attention is provided to security. You are at no risk. They choose experienced pilots after passing them through their highly regulated standards. Safety is further ensured by insurance and license. Every project is checked and applied all safety measures.

inspection of property

Career Opportunity for Aspiring Pilots

Aspiring pilots can join Sky Labs and choose a lucrative and amazing career which they would enjoy. You just have to fill out their form and then go through their stringent testing. If you have that spark, you can get involved in their team.

Project managers, wedding couples and business owners have now a great option of getting their events or projects recorded or mapped with a state-of-the-art technology and highest quality.

Watch this amazing video:

2015 SKYLABS AERIAL SHOWREEL from SkyLabs on Vimeo.

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