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Kindle Fire vs Nook Color

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We are living in digital age where we need digital readers for reading books, magazines, news etc. For adding some facilitation into gadget manufactures have launched readers. Although there are many readers available in the market but today my focus is on the comparison of two famous readers; one is being Kindle Fire from Amazon house and second is Nook Color from Barnes &Noble. Former will be available in the market from 15 November while latter is available for purchase right now from Barnes and Noble. However, you can place an order of Kindle Fire right now at Amazon Store .

comparison of Nook color and Kindle Fire

Now let’s start a comparative analysis of Kindle Fire and Nook Color. It is a fact that both tablets are really amazing in terms of their designs and features. I hardly found any difference between both tablets as almost every feature of Kindle Fire matches with Nook Color that’s simply mean you will see a tough competition between both ebook reading devices. First I want to shed light on the same features and specs of these tablets and then I will move a head with some differences.

Similarities of Nook Color and Kindle Fire

Display Size and Resolution :

This new Kindle of Amazon has the same 7 inch IPS display that you find in B&N Nook color and amazingly the resolution of displays are exactly identical i.e. 1024 X 600 pixels.

Operating system:

Both are supporting customize version of Android operating system and you never get a ready access to Android market either you choose Nook Color or Kindle Fire.

Internal Memory and RAM:

You will get the 8GB of internal memory and 512MB RAM in both book readers.


Another similarity of Kindle Fire and Nook Color is the connectivity option, both are wireless reading devices and you must have a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connection for using them.

Nook Color Specs and Features

Battery Life:

When it comes to battery life then you will astonish to see the Amazon Fire’s battery provides you fuel for up to 8 hours and same is offered by the battery of Nook Color.


Amazon’s Kindle Fire and B&N Nook Colors make it feasible for the users to browse the internet and for this purpose new Kindle packs Amazon Silk while that of Nook Color has Android browsers.

Books and Megazine:

The basic purpose behind the launch of this Wireless reading device is to help those who want to read online. The good thing is that both devices offers a lot of books and magazines for the readers. Kid’s attraction color children books are also on hand with both reading devices. You are either to visit Amazon Kindle market for getting ebooks and magazines for Kindle Fire or to visit Barnes and Noble Market for picking your favorite books and magazines if you have Nook Color.

New Kindle Review

Difference Between Nook Color and Kindle Fire:

Now I’m going to highlight some difference of both book reading devices.


Big difference between Nook Color and Kindle Fire is the processing power. Kindle Fire of the Amazon comes with TI OMAP4 Dual-Core 1GHz while that of Nook Color brings ARM Cortex A8-based Ti OMAP 3621 @ 800 MHz. Now it is not difficult to predict for you which one which reader will provide great speed of processing. Dual-core processor has become a demand of this era because the users want to do multi-tasking. He has limited time and during his free time he like to do multiple things such as he like to browse the website and simultaneously he want to download some songs and music files for him. This thing is possible with Amazon Kindle Fire not with the Nook Color.

Memory Expansion:

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What is good about Nook Color is that it allows the users to use a microSD memory card and expand the memory up to 32GB while this option is not available to you if you will go for Amazon kindle Fire. I think 8 GB internal memory is not enough for a person who want to read a number of books and magazines and also like to check his email. Although there is no microSD card with new kindle yet Amazon tries to add attraction factor into this ebook reading device with the mean of free cloud storage option. Now we have to see whether this option can compete well with a microSD card slot or not.

ebook reading device

Display Features:

Although size and resolution of Nook color and Kindle Fire are same however there is a difference of coating. Kindle Fire display has gorilla glass coating while this feature is not available in Nook color. However, it doesn’t mean that Nook Color has low quality screen but it is simply a feature which differentiate the screens of both.


The people who are concerned about music , TV shows and video will surely go with new Kindle Fire as it offers you all. Nevertheless, the people who are only interested in books and magazines reading will not considered it anymore.Amazon Kindle  Songs



The weight of Kindle Fire is almost 14.6 ounces while that of Nook color weighs 15.8 ounces. That’s mean latter is slightly heavier than former. It is also claimed by Amazon that the users will not feel it hard to hold Kindle Fire for long hours in hands. There is a minor difference of weight not so much.


I observed many times that many people like to get save a lot of application in their tablets or simply applications and games have become very important for the users. Both reading devices offers applications support but when you use Kindle Fire then you are able to pick an application of your choice from more than 16600 available applications of Android and Amazon. On the other hand, Nook Color applications are not as much.


A thing which gives Nook Color a tough competition is the price of Amazon Kindle Fire which is $199 as compared with $249 of B&N’s Reader.

Here is a Table which is designed to offer you a highlight of Nook Color and Amazon Kindle Fire Comparison. A comparison of features and Specs of both wireless reading devices is made to inform you which one get than another in term of a single specification and feature. So Just have a look.

 Kindle Fire vs Nook Color

Specs and Features

Kindle Fire

 Nook Color

Which one is best?

Display size and Resolution 7 inches1024 X 600 pixels 7 inches1024 X 600 pixels Equal
Processor TI OMAP4 Dual-Core 1GHz Processor ARM Cortex A8-based Ti OMAP 3621 @ 800 MHz Kindle Fire
Software Android version unknown Android 2.2 Equal
Dimensions 190 mm x 120 mm x 11.4 mm 205mm x127mmx12.2mm Equal
Weight 14.6 ounces 15.8 ounces Kindle Fire
RAM 512MB 512MB Equal
Internal Memory 8GB 8GB Equal
MicroSD memory card No 32GB Nook Color
Browser Amazon Silk Android Equal
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 802.11 b/g/n Equal
Display Coating Gorilla Glass No Amazon Fire
Multi-Touch Support Yes No Amazon Fire
Battery Life 8 Hours 8 Hours Equal
Music , Videos and TV Shows Yes No  Amazon Fire
Books and Magazines Yes Yes  
Applications Android AppsAmazon Apps Nook Colors Apps Amazon Fire
No of Apps More than 16600 729 Amazon Fire
Price $199 $249 Amazon Fire


Buy Amazon Kindle Fire:

If you want to buy Amazon Kindle Fire then I will recommend you to first check the Kindle Fire Review and then take a decision of it purchase. However, you don’t think you need it then go a head and buy Amazon Kindle Fire from Amazon Store .

Buy Kindle Fire

Buy Nook Color:

In case my readers are interested in purchase of Nook Color then they can simply do this; just go and buy B&N Nook Color from Barnes and Noble nook color


Each Tablet has its own positive points and negative points. Its up to you to choose one based on your preference and desireThis comparison is solely composed by checking the specs and features of both readers and my intention is to inform my reader about each and every aspect of each tablet in the best possible way.. However, I’m a human and there is chance of error. Hope you will understand.

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