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Apple Future iOS Device will Provide You 3D Gesture Based Control

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Every mobile phone manufacturer is trying its best to compete well in this high tech era and just because of this healthy competition we see a revolution in the mobile phone industry. It is the time when manufacturer has to think about Future phones technology therefore HTC worked on 3D ,LG on two sided phone, Nokia onFlexible Kinetic but Apple again won this high-tech battle as this Cupertino based company has filed a 3D gesture control patent. You already have an idea about Apple iPhone 4S which bring Siri voice control application. Touch based gesture technology has become old now and therefore Apple is start experimenting non-touch gesture controls for its iOS devices and this experiment revealed through a new patent application furthermore USTPO published a patent application from Apple earlier this week entitled “Real Time Video Process Control Using Gestures.”

Apple Future iPhone

The purpose behind this patent is to allow the users to control and edit video recording on the mobile remotely however we can expect many more. When the result of this experiment turns positive then surely we will be able to control our handsets without touching the iOS devices. We will be in a position to change the page of an ibook on iPad with a simple hand movement. Apple provides the details how the user will be able to control on screen action with simple body movement. A person will use a front facing snapper of iOS device for reading non-touch hand gestures and even facial expressions and afterwards you can convert all these into commands.

apple gesture control device

This patent filing makes it feasible for us to get an idea about the Apple future plans and also we have a look into Apple’s R&D (Research and Development) lab. It is quite possible that sometimes in future we get a device that based on non-touch 3D gesture control technology.


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