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Are We Going To Lose Our Ancestors Inventions Forever Due To Technology

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"technology"We all know the world is changing at an alarming rate. The things that are being invented now will be old news in a few weeks. Have you ever wondered what your future grandkids life will be like? Will they even have access to some of the things we take for granted today? Maybe they will have to pay extortionate prices because they are antiques. They will have to search for them in some dark little corner in a back street store.

The amount of software that’s taken over simple every day tasks is alarming. Soon we might not need any paper. And hardware is also being produced faster than we can keep up. How many people would have imagined the mobile phone 100 years ago? Do you think it’s pretty cool growing up in the technological age? Let’s have a look at some software and hardware that could make our ancestors inventions obsolete.

Taking notes

I’m sure most people have had that special little notepad where they kept all their notes. It was easy to have a pen and paper handy for whenever an idea popped into our head. And the same amount of people have probably misplaced that notepad and lost everything. Now that won’t happen. Are you using Evernote yet? Evernote is a lovely piece of software that allows us to store any idea we have on the Internet and archive everything. You can even use it on your mobile phone for when you’re not at the computer. Will the simple notebook soon be gone?

Reading books

Books have been around for centuries. There was libraries that stretch back as far as you can imagine. They are great except they don’t last forever. Eventually the words will fade and they will be lost. But it doesn’t seem to matter now because everything is electronic. The Kindle has taken over the world. Amazon is already selling more electronic books than paper copies. Everyone you see seems to have a kindle and is quite happy to forget about paper books. The space you can save is unbelievable. Thousands of books on a little gadget.

Keeping a journal

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How many of you kept a journal when you were younger? Millions of people all over the world took great pleasure in sitting at night and recording everything they done that day. It was their closely guarded secret where they could write about their problems. Now look at blogs. They are another thing that’s taking over. WordPress and Blogger especially. They have practically taken over the Internet. Now everybody writes about their problems and posts them online for the whole world to see. How long will kids keep writing in their journal? They can use the Internet now before they are even in school.

Making a phone call

Telephones were such a monumental invention. The ability to communicate with people changed the world. No matter if you were across the road or on the other side of the planet you could pick up the phone and call someone. Nowadays it’s expensive to call someone. With Skype you can call a home phone number for much cheaper. If someone else is using Skype it’s free. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. Do you think the telephone will eventually die out?

Not getting lost

And finally there are maps. They used to be great. I’m sure most people have been in a situation where they were completely lost and had nowhere to go. They should have taken a map. But now they don’t need to. If you have a satellite navigation system in your car you will never be lost again. It will actually speak to you and tell you where to go. And you can download software so you basically have access to every country you can think of. Why would we still need a map?

Daniel Edwards is an expert programmer and an avid tech blogger who has developed  quality engineering software  for many software companies in US.

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