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Biometric Wallet – Wonderful Technological Invention to Protect Your Money and Identity

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The Biometric WalletTechnology is progressing day by day and everyone is making use of it including criminals. No wonder, everyone’s hard-earned money is in danger. But what’s more dangerous is the identity theft. It’s definitely more hazardous when someone’s whole life and whatever he has earned in his life is stolen!

However, fortunately, technology is being employed effectively to counteract the criminal acts. One fine example of this is the Biometric Wallet!

What is Biometric Wallet?

The Biometric Wallet is a simple-looking tiny gadget that you can easily hold in your hand and keep in pocket. But it’s far more wonderful than a simple gadget. It can store all your wealth, identity, medical information and all types of information securely that only you can access biometrically i.e. through your fingerprint and/or any other biometric means.

What can You Store in the Biometric Wallet?

  • All your personal credit cards
  • All your bank cards
  • All your identity documents such as driver’s license, passport, ID cards, government VA cards and more
  • All your health records

The Biometric Wallet

Other Features

  • Easy to use gadget and so, easy access to all your personal information
  • You can send money to another person through BioPay easily with just a couple of finger swipes
  • If your Biometric Wallet is lost, you can easily locate it through GPS tracking
  • Wi-Fi enabled wallet
  • 4G wireless network
  • You get the unique Biometric Wallet Merchant Mall offers
  • Multi-layered Biometric Cloud Security
  • No personal data of yours is stored in the cloud

How can You Get Help in a Medical Emergency through Biometric Wallet?

As mentioned above, you can store your medical history, medications and other information in your Biometric Wallet and other than you, an authorized medical person can access it quickly and start taking necessary actions.

Banking Section

One of the goals behind the creation of the Biometric Wallet is making all financial transactions easy and yet safe for the user. With this purpose in mind, it would have a banking section too through which you can have the control of many different aspects of finance, including banking and credit card transactions. And all your financial transactions will be secured with your biometric signature.

Who is the Creator of Biometric Wallet?

Mr. Joseph Gangi has invented the Biometric Wallet. He is the founder of Security Biometrics Corporation which is a leading product design company based in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Biometric Wallet is still in its developmental stage and the good news is that even you can contribute to its development and become a partner of this wonderful project to get amazing perks.

What do you think now? Have you started planning to fund this exclusive technological invention?

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