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Chip and Pin Machine – A Worthy Investment for Your Business

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WorldPay Zinc Card ReaderIf you have not yet equipped your business with a Chip and PIN machine for processing of credit and debit cards, you are probably losing out a lot on precious revenue. Consumers are increasingly expecting to be capable of paying for products and services by card, regardless of where the business is based in. Therefore if you have not yet set it up, it’s the best time to take action, because it’s a worthy investment for your business.

You might hesitate if you don’t know about it or not very familiar with it. But let me assure you that setting up the machine is in fact very easy. You need to have a business to open a merchant account and purchase a Chip and PIN machine which will receive and record the payment and produce a receipt. Finding the correct terminal from the correct provider is actually important to ensure profitability in credit card processing. Here I would like to recommend you to read a comprehensive review of World Pay Zinc card reader by Streamline on, because they are offering an attractive discount and you will get the discount code on

What to Look for in a Chip and PIN Machine

Getting your hands on the right terminal is a factor deciding if you require mobile machine or a fixed one, and which type of connection is appropriate for you (for example, wireless, dial up or Bluetooth). You also should decide if your business will need one or multiple card reading machines depending on the size of your business.

Some points worth considering are:

  • Receipt printers are of different types of which thermal printers are pricey, but work very fast. So, this depends on your budget. Check if a cheaper and slower inkjet or dot matrix printer will be sufficient for your business.
  • Whether you require a card terminal which will accept gift cards
  • Large-sized inbuilt memory which will store many transactions
  • If it’s a mobile card machine, it should have a long range from its base unit and also superior battery life
  • Easy to read screen and compact design
  • You should be able to change the paper roll easily; if it is not so, particularly in a busy store, it can be really frustrating

World Pay Chip and PIN machines are Android as well as iOS compatible, and of course, it’s an established brand giving the finest products for many years. You should choose such a machine/s for your business and earn optimum profit.

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