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Find a Mentor with Online Platforms

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Mentor is sometimes crucial for the success of entrepreneurs or students and it’s rather important task to find the right one to help you achieve your goals. However,  it’s quite difficult to find, for instance, the best mentoring program Denver can offer with a limited professional network, whether you’re a student or an entrepreneur. Luckily, technology has the solution to this problem! Let’s mention some of the platforms that can help you find your own mentor online!

A mentor is able to give a business the necessary support while entrepreneurs are working to reach new clients and grow. Many (now successful) startup founders have realized that you can enjoy a collaboration through which you’re able to grow and learn; this is something that came clear to them while they were working with a mentor. Mentors have access to an extensive network of much more experienced entrepreneurs which can be useful when seeking funding and gathering resources. For a student, a mentor can provide the needed insight when making decisions about the future.

So, let’s mention some of the platforms that can help you achieve your goals!

  • MentorCity (for non-profit organizations, students and entrepreneurs)
  • Score (for small businesses)
  • Horse’s Mouth (social network for anyone)
  • Find a Mentor (for continuing education)
  • MentorNet (for STEM students)
  • iMentor (for students from communities characterized by low income rates)
  • iCouldBe (for public high-school students)
  • Mogul (for female enterpreneurs)
  • Envelop (for musicians and listeners)

Take your chance with one of those platforms (or more than one of them) and I’m pretty sure you’ll get the necessary help from someone you can trust. They are rather specialized and you should opt for the one that is focused on your own needs.

Also, check out TurtleWise, an online experience network with a mission to encourage their community of users to receive and give advice in order to help themselves with important life decisions. This virtual environment has an advantage of providing national and international help and advice; users can ask whatever they want to so many trustworthy advisors. The first advice you can get for free and, if you’re satisfy, TurtleWise offers premium membership for an affordable monthly fee.

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