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LG Switch Dual Screen Concept Phone Designed for MultiTasker

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The people who want to do multiple things at the same time will surely like the LG Switch Concept phone which is integrated with dual-screen. One display is apparent on the front and second on the back. This two sided Android phone will indeed add some more comfort and fun into the life of its user. You can called it as a future phone of LG and this idea is come to us Switch Dual-Screen

As the name implies, Switch lets you to switch your mobile phone based on your preference and desire. If you want to download some applications or movies and simultaneously have a desire to read a newspaper then this novel concept will allow you to do what you really want to do. Just open your reader for reading newspaper on one side and then flip the device so that you can start downloading or check some email on the second display.

Dual screen phone

There is a video of LG Switch which offers you a clear idea of true design. It is possible that in future LG will come with Dual Screen phone like LG Switch but there is a thing, poor sales of Sprint Kyocera Echo handset which has dual-screen in reality, which may stop LG for working on this idea.

Just check this video and leave your comment in the box so that I get an idea what is your opinion regarding LG Switch Concept phone.


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