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Macbook Earth, Water and Fire, Amazing Concepts

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Have you ever seen Mackbook Air Models? I’m sure you will say no but don’t worry I brought Macbook Earth , Mackbook Fire, Mackbook Water for you. All thanks to that comes with three wonderful conceptual designs of Macbook of Apple. As I am living on earth so first I like to shed light on best of trio Macbook Earth. This laptop gets the power from solar and wind energy. It is all about organic material. It comes with a phosphorescent screen that works on few nanowatts. Grass is apparent around the keyboard and behind the screen. The good thing of Macbook Earth is that it allow to you to grow some mini crops in your leisure time on it. Enjoy gardening and we browsing side by side. Have a look!Macbook Earth concept

Macbook Water is second Air Concept model of this Apple device. You will be able to enjoy smooth browsing on a sea. In another words, this laptop will splash iFluid of some special nature on the flat surface. No heating problem will be occurred in the presence of this special fluid so you will feel great while taping the keys of it. When you feel excess water then just take a sponge, dry the keys and again start your work.

Macbook water

If you like to play with Fire then undoubtedly Macbook Fire is for you. Do you have a dare to touch this concept model of Apple? This laptop has high level of heat due to which it melts and produces some smoke. You can touch its key and screen by covering your hands with gloves. Fire Macbook heats up and radiate light so you are free to use it in a dark room.

Now I’m going to push a ball into your court. You need to tell me only one thing, which one is best of trio? You like to go with Macbook Water or Macbook Fire or Macbook Earth. Don’t hesitate to share with me.


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