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Monitor Your Children or Employees with Hoverwatch SMS Tracker

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HoverWatch sms trackerAre you a parent of teens and want to protect them from getting into trouble caused by their online activities, without being intrusive? Or are you a business owner and want to monitor your employees’ efforts to increase sales, without looking over shoulder of each of them? Don’t worry; visit and you will find your solution! This is HoverWatch FREE SMS Tracker. What is it? Let’s see.

HoverWatch FREE SMS Tracker

HoverWatch is a SMS tracker which is absolutely FREE! It records every single incoming and outgoing call for you. You can watch all SMS and MMS messages received and sent by the user. You can also view the images inside the MMS messages from your personal account. And it does all this by remaining invisible. So, you can monitor your children’s or employees’ online activities without being detected by them. The free SMS tracker also enables you to see the messages sent with Facebook and WhatsApp. What’s more, you can track and save all the files like audio recordings, videos and photos, exchanged during Facebook conversations.

Works for Any Device

HoverWatch SMS tracker works for any device – Android, Windows PC and Mac

Android: In an Android device, the SMS tracker enables you to record every single incoming and outgoing call, SMS and MMS while remaining invisible. You can read the messages and watch every file included in them like photos, and audio and video files, even sent or received through Facebook and WhatsApp on your personal account. And if the user changes their SIM card, you get a notification. It also helps you to locate the target device with the help of Wi-Fi signals, GPS and cell towers. It also takes a photo of the user’s screen every time s/he unlocks it.

Windows PC: In case of a Windows PC, the SMS tracker can help you saving the browser history, including sites’ URLs and time to visit them. It also takes screenshots regularly and thereby showing you what the user was doing at a given time. What’s more, you can also know what the search requests were like, and usernames and messages including Skype messages. You can see which apps and games are opened by the user. The webcam feature of the SMS tracker allows you to see the surrounding of the device too.

Mac: On Mac computer too, you can track all the history including search details, URLs of sites, titles of the pages visited and time details. Here too regular screenshots are taken and entries made with keyboard, like text messages, contact names, search requests and emails can be tracked. Most importantly, chats can be viewed on Skype, Adium and iMessage apps; so, you can monitor with whom your children are talking and what. So also, you can know which games they open and when.

How to Use HoverWatch?

You just have to sign up for a free online account with HoverWatch by entering your email id and setting a password. Next, download the SMS Tracker from your account and start watching all your recorded data in your online account.

Changing Devices

If you want to change the device you were monitoring after installing HoverWatch, remember firstly that the trial version of the software allows you to use it on 5 different devices. However, some of the economical plans work only for one device. If it is wrong and you want to change it, you just have to open your user panel, choose the wrong device that is not to be monitored, then go to settings and delete it by hitting the “Delete Device” button.

So, now with the HoverWatch software, you can get great peace of mind, whether you are a mother of young children or an employer who wants to monitor her/his employees’ activities. Download HoverWatch today and be stress-free.

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